Which Weight Loss Program is Right for You?

by fat.com
​There are dozens of different weight loss programs and fad diets out there, but the question is, which program will work best for you?

Nutrisystem is a very popular diet and weight loss program that has emerged over the past decade. It provides a dieter with pre-made meals with the proper nutrition necessary for a healthy weight loss. It is also very convenient for dieters on the go, because the meals are automatically delivered to your door. They have over 150 “chef inspired” meals for one to choose from.  They offer breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, and snacks.  They even offer a family plan with discounts.  By following the meal planner they provide, you learn portion control and how to eat properly.

Jenny Craig remains a front runner as a popular weight loss programs.  By meeting with you personal “Jenny” advisor, you plan and set realistic goals you want to obtain. With regular weigh-ins and measurements, you and your advisor track you progress. You can pick up your meals at a local Jenny Craig office, or have them mailed directly to you.  They too provide for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and snacks. They claim their results come from the one on one support you get from your advisor. They also offer specialized programs for women, men, seniors, and teens.

Slim Genics is another weight loss program very similar to the two programs mentioned above. It also incorporates personalized weight loss with an advisor and customized meals that can be picked up or sent to your home.  They aim for their clients to lose three to five pounds per week!

Whichever weight loss program you choose, you will hopefully get you desired results. If not, there are plenty of other similar programs to checkout.  These programs teach proper nutrition, portion control, and a healthy lifestyle, which are all crucial to the success of your weight loss!