5 Super Fruits to Aid in Weight Loss

Everyone is aware of the benefits that follow of eating a proper, balanced diet including fruits and vegetables. However, there are certain fruits, called “super fruits”, that are sometimes overlooked because of their price, availability, and most of all, the public’s naivety to their advantages. Here are some super fruits that you should absolutely include in your diet for added weight loss, health, and fitness. Don’t worry, their all tropical, sweet, and delicious!

1. Coconut: Coconuts are jam packed with good stuff. They contain essential nutrients such as magnesium, phosphorus, iron, and potassium. Additionally, coconuts are high in proteins; coconuts have the good kind of protein that builds muscles, not fat. Try drinking coconut milk or adding coconut shavings to your meal to help lose weight while building muscle. 

2. Pineapple: Everyone loves the sweet, Hawaiian, yellow fruit, but few may know that it is a key leader in promoting joint health. It also contains valuable enzymes for weight loss and an enzyme called bromelain that is an anti-inflammatory and a digestive aid. 

3. Pomegranate: Pomegranate seeds have been getting a lot of attention lately in the diet world; these sweet little seeds are bursting with antioxidants. The juice of a pomegranate helps lower bad cholesterol while also cleaning the arteries, helping leave them free of build-up and plaque. 

4. Acai Berry: Acai Berry has also gained lots of publicity in the fitness world lately. It is rich in vitamins, antioxidants and minerals that promote a healthy lifestyle. The best part about acai berries, however, is that they are an appetite suppressant. Adding acai berries to your diet can help you eat less, burn more fat, and lose more weight!

5. Dragon Fruit: These foreign looking fruits may be intimidating at the grocery store, but on the inside they are rich in Vitamin C and fibers that remove, not only toxins, but fats from the body as well. This tropical fruit will also leave your body hydrated for extra boosts in energy and weight loss.
Sources: The Wave