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Fat Burning Foods: Burn off Fat the Natural Way

by fat.com
​Foods that are low in calories, low in fat and yet high in nutrients are essential for the normal functioning of the body.

The more calories that are present in a food, the more fuel and energy the body can get from it. The body also needs to expend energy in order to digest those foods and the more difficult the food is to digest, the more energy is expended by the body to digest it. The three main three macro-nutrients that are present in food are carbohydrates, proteins or fats.  Although the fats provide more than double the calories compared to the other two nutrients, the body uses up a part of the fuel through the process of digestion and assimilation to fulfill its functional requirements and any unused excess fuel is eventually stored in the form of “Fat.”

Although many people conclude that all fats are bad for you, they are not, and many healthy fats are essential for the normal functioning of the body and the foods that provide those fats should always be part of your diet. There is a limit to how much fat can be stored up in the cells though, and once those cells reach their absorption limit, the fats will often start getting stored up in your chest, waist and hips. And while it is true that all foods could be considered as a source of fat creation, there are also certain foods can help burn fat or reduce fat in the following ways:

• Some foods contain vitamins or minerals that help improve the metabolism, and improve the fat burning capacity of the body to act as fat burners.

• Some foods that contain fewer calories will still requiring a more complex digestion and assimilation process that makes them cause the expenditure of more digestive energy and in this way they act as virtual calorie burners.

• Some foods that are very low in calories can also create a feeling of fullness and satiation even when they are only consumed in small amounts.

• Certain ways of cooking food can reduce the calorie content of the food and helps reduce the creation of fat.

Eating the right foods, in the right quantities, can help ensure you burn more fat at a faster pace as well. Here is a look at some of the foods that can help you burn more fat and reduce fat deposition I your mid-section too:

Fruits -
Citrus and other fruits provide the body with easy energy to boost its metabolism while also supplying of Vitamin C which can help the body in the process of fat metabolism. Good choices here include Oranges, Kiwi fruit, Grapefruit, Tangerines, Kumquats, Clementine, Fresh Lime, Strawberries, Apples, Tomatoes, Plums, Grapes, Cherries, and Raspberries.

Oats -
Oats contain insoluble fiber that can help you feel full without contributing any calorie additions to the body. Cooked barley and other cereals are also rich in insoluble fiber.

Vegetables -
Most vegetables have a low calorie profile while providing essential minerals and vitamins that improve the overall metabolism of the body. Most do not contain much fat either and their carbohydrate count is very low. Good vegetable choices include broccoli, spinach, artichoke, lima beans, peas, cabbage and carrots.

Lentils -
Lentils are low on calories, full of minerals and rich in plant proteins and amino-acids. They are also excellent sources of fiber and can help lower bad-cholesterol and contribute to good heart health.

Poultry –
Chicken and other poultry foods are low on fats and carbohydrates while still having a good protein profile and can assist in the over-all health of the body when consumed in moderation.

Eggs -
Eggs have a low calorie profile and are full of protein and minerals. They also do not contribute to bad cholesterol.

Nuts -
Nuts are a great source of the “good” healthy fats and are needed for proper functioning of the body.

Fish –
Fish is rich in healthy omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, while being low on calories without adding saturated fat content.